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Why work with an elevator consultant

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Working with an elevator consultant is an important asset when carrying out your various projects, whether they are small or large. Indeed, a consultant brings several advantages and helps ensure a job well done. Three important advantages of working with an elevator consultant are presented below.


When you hire an elevator consultant with Morin Consultants, you are getting decades of experience in the field. You get valuable advice, new ideas and approaches as well as quality assurance of service. At Morin Consulting & Associates, we also offer a project management service as well as a management service for your equipment. This therefore allows you peace of mind and the certainty that your vertical transport equipment is well managed. In this way, their useful life is extended, and service calls are greatly reduced. This expertise represents a considerable advantage in the management of your elevators and/or escalators.


Hiring an elevator consultant indeed involves additional expenses for your projects. However, this expense will almost always allow you to save on the total cost of the project as well as on your contract with your elevator contractor. These savings often greatly exceed the costs of hiring the consultant. That way, you get a better deal, expert advice and a reduction of the total cost of the project.


Since an elevator consultant is completely independent from any elevator company and since he is not part of your organization, you get advice, new ideas and new approaches in a completely objective manner. This therefore guarantees that the points raised, and the advice given are the best for you. Indeed, at Morin Consulting we assist you in complete independence in your various projects and we are committed to advising you to the best of our knowledge.


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