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New Equipment

New and existing buildings

Morin Consulting & Associates works as a Project Manager on elevator installation operations. We can also intervene on project management assistance missions . Our missions consist of the following stages:

  • Traffic study

  • Definition of kernels and available options

  • Definition of footprints and finalization of specifications

  • Assistance in estimating future charges (consumption, maintenance)

  • Management of the call for tenders

  • Analysis of offers

  • Project management

  • Assistance with reception operations

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Existing buildings

Morin Consulting & Associates has recognized expertise in the planning and coordination of modernization projects adapted to the specific needs of each building. It can include different activities:

  • Feasibility study

  • Diagnostic

  • Traffic study

  • Management of the call for tenders

  • Analysis of offers

  • Project management

  • Assistance with reception operations

Condition report

Technical expertise and maintenance control

Morin Consulting & Associates carries out detailed technical expertise for each of your elevators or vertical and horizontal transport equipment. At the end of the expertise, we produce a detailed report for each device, including photos of the various parts audited, and including:

  • A qualitative diagnosis of the equipment

  • The list of work to be carried out by the maintenance service provider as part of its maintenance contract

  • The list of additional work deemed desirable by our experts and engineers for the reliability or comfort of the installation

  • The corresponding budget estimate

Elevator portfolio management

Management and technical expertise

Morin Consulting & Associates works closely with the owners, property managers and institutions to provide a customized service for vertical transportation equipment management in their various buildings. This service includes the following:

  • Tailor-made service established according to customer needs

  • Management of vertical transport equipment for all types of buildings (residential, commercial, industrial)

  • Billing management

  • Service call reduction program

  • Extension of  the useful life of equipment

  • And more, contact us for more information

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