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Maintenance Contract - Useful tips

The regular maintenance of an elevator ensures its proper functioning and helps maintain a high level of safety. Thus, it is important to have some basic knowledge to better navigate it. Below, you will find some important points that can serve as a starting point in your research as well as some tips that can be very useful.

*Note, however, that having recourse to a consultant for your vertical transport equipment projects can go a long way in helping you obtain a better price, a better service and above all a better quality of service. You can refer to our article "Why work with a consultant" for more details.

What should you know?

  • It is useful to know this basic information about your equipment:

  • Type of elevator: Is your equipment hydraulic, hydraulic cable or traction?

  • Manufacturer: Is the manufacturer that your equipment is still in business or not?

  • Owner's manual and electrical plans: Do you have the owner's manual and copies of the electrical diagrams? In the event that you do not have them, you can contact the manufacturer.

  • Special conditions of the building: presence of a single elevator, aging population, people with reduced mobility, closed on weekends, daily use, etc.

Price request

Here are some important points to consider when requesting a quote from an elevator contractor.

  • Full or partial maintenance program

  • Service calls included on a regular basis or at any time

  • Intervention times required

  • Require references from a building manager who are in your area *.

  • Number of employees and years of service.

  • Avoid components* prorated or excluded in full contracts

  • Require proof of liability insurance

  • Contract terms are often five (5) years. Negotiate* three (3) years with two one-year renewal periods.

  • Mention that you will employ the services of an elevator consultant before the end of the term. This statement excludes companies that are not serious or dishonest.

Other practical tips

  • Follow up on the work by consulting the register in the machine room

  • Track the renewal date of your contract, as many contracts renew automatically, no notice is given ninety (90) days before the contract anniversary date.

  • Carry out the recommendations made by the contractor.

  • In the event of a dispute, appeal to the Régie du bâtiment or to a consultant.


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