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10 key steps for a successful modernization project

When you work with Morin Consulting we will support you throughout your modernization project so that you have the best possible service and peace of mind regarding the smooth running of your project. The 10 steps presented below will therefore give you a good idea of ​​how a modernization project unfolds. For more details on the benefits of doing business with a consultant, you can refer to the article “Why work with a consultant”

Step 1: Project review

  • Collect basic data

  • Evaluate the main challenges of the project

  • Specify the location and conditions of the buildings

Step 2: Site visit (s)

  • Confirm existing conditions

  • Assess the current state of equipment

  • Evaluate the different modernization scenarios

Step 3: Analyze the data

  • Determine the scope of the work

  • Evaluate the costs of materials and labour

  • Identify related works: architectural, electrical and mechanical

Step 4: Preparation of tender documents

  • Write documents according to budgets

  • Define the technical specifications of the equipment

  • Establish restrictions and constraints

Step 5: Visit of the bidders on the site

  • Answer the questions

  • Ensure that everyone has a good understanding (nature and scope of the work)

Step 6: Evaluation of bids

  • Check compliance with the estimate

  • Validate the proposed schedule

  • Evaluate the capacities of the tenderers

Step 7: Approval of drawings

  • Affix the engineer's seal of approval on the drawings

Step 8: Participation in site meetings

  • Focus on the health and safety of workers and users

  • Ensure close monitoring of the progress of the work

Step 9: Preliminary inspection of the work

  • Evaluate the work performed according to the estimate

  • Identify the problems and corrective measures to be made

Step 10: Issuance of the certificate of completion

  • Perform the final inspection of the works

  • Issue a certified report guaranteeing that all work has been completed according to standards

  • Review warranty documents


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